A True Professional

I truly don’t think there is a recommendation high enough that I could give Michelle. She is one of those unique individuals that will leave you with a sense of sincerity, caring and professionalism. I have had the pleasure of working with her in a complex industrial atmosphere and saw that her attention to detail and compassion for a “job-well-done” is contagious.

Dean Ahrens
previously Environmental Superintendent
Cargill / The Mosaic Company

She Encourages Us to Try New Things

She is a phenomenal fitness instructor! She encourages us to try new things and find ways to push our limits so we can achieve higher levels of health and fitness.

Fitness Class Participant

Strongly Recommend Michelle Present to Any Group

Diversifying the workforce is especially difficult and important to the trades so her input was well received and extremely useful. I would strongly recommend Michelle present to any group looking to increase the quality of the talent they hire and grow their organization towards success!

Shana Peschek
Construction Center of Excellence

Everyone was… ‘Blown Away’

I was able to successfully transition and progress my career over to a new company, and stay in the location we wanted to be in. Thanks again for the resume help; everyone here that looked at it was ‘blown away’ and they keep asking me if I want to teach a resume-writing class here.

Sean Clark
previous client

Realistic, Honest, Straight Forward

Michelle is realistic, honest, straight forward and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is extremely dedicated to her clients and this process. The sense of joy and pride in her work shines through everything she does. The skill level and knowledge base of her experience are invaluable to anyone with a more unusual or diverse background. I highly recommend her frequently to people.

Heather Bendet
previous client

In Awe of Her Talent and Expertise

SHE WAS AWESOME. This is not my area of expertise and I was in awe of her talent and expertise. Bravo!

Professional Resume Writer
member of the National Resume Writers’ Association

Highest Recommendation as a Person and Busineswoman

Michelle is a born leader. Her determination, organizational skills, professionalism, technical competency, and passion to help others have been evident since she was a student. She has proven her ability to adapt and be successful through life’s challenges, and has shared her success with many others in the same circumstances. I would personally seek out Michelle’s career assistance when needed, and give her my highest recommendation as a person and businesswoman.

Cambrey Cammon
Field Sales Engineer
Earle Associates Rocky Mountains

Truly Inspiring

I want to thank you again so much for coming to our school and speaking to our students. It’s so important for girls especially to see women in the STEM fields who enjoy their work. You were truly inspiring and the students enjoyed your talk immensely. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and inspire the next generation.

Mary Himley
Spokane International Academy

Professional and Technically Acute

It was a pleasure working with Michelle. Though we worked in different groups, I had to work closely with her on managing and reporting accurate water balance parameters for the Riverview facility when she first started.

She came across as professional and technically acute. She picked up the concept and ran with it full speed picking up other projects along the way. She is personable and usually had a friendly smile on her face despite of how busy she was. She’s great to work with!

Malika Risley
previously Process Engineer
The Mosaic Company

You Gave Me A Lot to Think About

Thank you so much for speaking to our group last evening. You gave me a lot to think about on so many levels.


I Highly Recommend Michelle

Michelle worked as a Senior Validation Engineer for a major site expansion of our powder and liquid cGMP media preparation production site. She was professional and detail oriented as she worked with contract and site personnel to generate validation documentation, field execute to demonstrate equipment, facility and utilities met design requirements and finalizing reports to enable the site to begin operations consistent with business needs. Michelle was committed to her assignment and I viewed her as a very competent and qualified member of the validation and site construction team. I highly recommend Michelle and encourage your consideration of her to `complement your business opportunity.

Lance Kunkel
Vice President of Operations at Reliable Biopharmaceutical Corporation, previously SAFC Bioscience Plant Manager

A Trusted Resource with Abilities

Michelle came to Mosaic as a Utility Engineer. This position had been recently created and was still being defined to handle significant water and energy concerns. She quickly acclimated herself to the position and was a star performer, a “go to” resource for the operations and engineering teams, helping to put significant definition to this position which now exists across all of our facilities in Phosphates and Michelle’s work has a lot to do with that expansion.

She is highly professional and demonstrated strong leadership potential. She received the highest performance ratings possible and was a “regrettable loss” when she left the company. Michelle is a trusted resource with abilities and, above all, the drive to accomplish any opportunities that come her way.

Robert Baker
previously Human Resources-Global Supply Chain and EHS Manager
The Mosiac Company

She Was Not Afraid to Put On a Hard Hat

I truly enjoyed working with Michelle while at Mosaic. She took a Utility Engineer role that was very broad and defined (and potentially defunct) and turned it into a credible and important role at the facility. She was a diligent troubleshooter; she was not afraid to put on the hard hat, go into field and dig into the problem…sometimes literally. She carried herself with tremendous professionalism and always seemed to have a good spirit.

Matt Schuppener
previously Logistics Manager
The Mosaic Company


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