Cerno Highlights

As the co-founder of and director of adventure learning for Cerno, an adventure learning company, I am proud to share three professional highlights:

  1. Created the Give a Squat® fitness challenge program
  2. Co-authored “The Talent Challenge: How Leading Companies Attract, Retain, and Engage Top Talent
  3. Co-designed the Survival Challenge Team Adventure (Watch the video)

Articles, News & Radio Featuring Michelle

Featured Thought Leader & Expert :

Military Advocacy and Military Spouse of the Year :

  • Keynote Speaker for the Northern Virginia Heroes at Home Military Spouse Awards Luncheon
  • Keynote Speaker for the National Science Foundation’s Veterans Day Event

  • Volunteers for Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) on the President’s Currently Serving Spouse Advisory Council (CSSAC)

  • Attended the American Red Cross Tiffany Circle’s Chairman of the Board Dinner

  • Participated in 2017 National Military Spouse Network Summit
  • Attended the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundations, Sixth Annual Military Spouse Employment Partnership New Partner Induction Ceremony at the Hall of Flags
  • Presented “Tap Into the Hidden Talent in the Military Community” to Human Resource Professionals at the North Carolina Society of Human Resources Management state conference

  • Attended the 2017 Air Space & Cyber Conference
  • Attended Military Officers Association of America Networking Forum at the Air and Space Museum

Featured guest speaker at the Virginia Council on the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
  • Participated in 2017 MilSpouseFest in Washington DC
  • Attended the 2017 Virginia Heroes at Home Military Spouse Awards at the Virginia Governor’s mansion
  • Participated in 2017 Military Spouse Town Hall and Military Spouse of the Year Awards
  • Invited to the White House by Vice President Mike Pence, his wife, Karen Pence, along with National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and President Donald J. Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, for National Military Appreciation Month, which is observed in May, and National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, which is May 12
  • Volunteered on the planning committee for the 2017 AFAS United States Air Force Charity Ball
  • Invited to Military Officers’ Association of America (MOAA)’s 2017 Awards Ceremony honoring The Elizabeth Dole Foundation and Werner Enterprises Inc. with the MOAA Distinguished Service Award professional congressional staff member Jeanette James will receive the Col. Paul W. Arcari Meritorious Service Award

  • Briefed by the House Armed Services Subcommittee staff

  • Facebook Live Featured STEM Speaker for National Military Family Association

  • Presenter for Society of Military Spouses in STEM at the October 2016 Spouse Education and Career Opportunities / Military Spouse Employment Partnership Ambassador Roundtable at the Pentagon

[No photos authorized within the Pentagon]

  • 2016 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl,Chris Kyle was posthumously awarded the Great American Patriot Award

  • 2016 Secretary of the Air Force Spouse and Family Forum – attended and advocated for creation of an Air Force or DOD program to educate and utilize military spouses to reduce the growing cyber talent gap and create viable and supportable opportunities for military spouses in STEM professions.

  • Invited to First Lady Michelle Obama’s Farewell

  • Blue Star Families 2016 Military Lifestyle Survey Release at the Brookings Institute

  • 2016 Women in Tech at Capital One

  • NC4ME Employer Summit

  • 2016 Air Space & Cyber Conference


  • 2016 General Dynamics Leadership Academy 2016

  • Keynote Speaker for the 2016 Military Family Summit with Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Congressman Sanford Bishop (Watch the video and read more)
Keynote Speaker for the 2016 Congressional Military Family Summit

Authored articles :

LinkedIn Pulse


Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

Military Spouse magazine

Additional Articles:


Presentations to industry colleagues :

Additional presentations, training sessions, seminars :

Hiring, Sourcing & Retention

Planning for the Future

  • Labor Market of the Future” ~ Panel Discussion participant
  • “The Future of Job Seeking”
  • “Will You Be Prepared for the Job Search in 10 Years?”

Networking & Professional Image

  • “5 Ways to Improve Your Professional Network”
  • “Get Moving on LinkedIn®”
  • “LinkedIn® Secrets”
  • “LinkedIn® Etiquette”
  • “Etiquette and the Hidden Job Market”
  • “Power Up Your Professional Image”

Positioning Yourself for Opportunity

  • “Career Management Crash Course”
  • “Progressive Employment Strategies”
  • “Insights Into Volunteering Gateways”
  • “Making the Most of Your Early Technical Career Experiences” ~ Panel Discussion
  • “Putting Your Best Foot Forward”
  • “The Boundless Potential of a Nonlinear Engineering Career”

Discovering Your Value & Your Options

  • “Quantifying Accomplishments”
  • “3 Ways to Track Your Accomplishments”
  • “Transferring Your Skills to a New Career”
  • “Translating Non-Paid Work on Résumés”
  • “Tackling the Resume Gap”
  • “Power of YOUR Path”
  • “A Day of Self-Discovery”
  • “Why They Should Hire You”

Career Planning

  • “Charting Your Course”
  • “Tips for Military Spouses”
  • “Career Planning for Stay-at-Home Parents”

Communicating Value & Self-Promotion

  • “Build a Powerful Professional Portfolio”
  • “Powerful Professional Portfolio Secrets”
  • “Strategic Résumés that Work!”
  • “The Engineer’s Guide to Résumé Writing”
  • “Branding with Transferable Skills”
  • “Targeting and Translating”
  • “Innovative Self-Promotion”
  • “Lose the Cheese. Promote Yourself Like a Pro.”
  • “Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds”
  • “Resumes 101” (for high school and college)
  • “Advanced Resumes”
  • “Rapid Resume Reviews” ~ Workshop
  • “Nail Your Interview, Don’t Blow It!”
  • “Rock Solid Interviews”

Career Transitions

  • “Time for a Change: Strategic Career Moves”
  • “Navigating the Hidden Job Market”
  • “Moving Again: 7 Steps to Maintain Your Career” (as a trailing spouse)
  • “Launch Into the Professional Scene”
  • “Job Seeking 101”
  • “Retired Seeking Employment”
  • “Making the Cut: Job Search Strategies that Will Get You the Job”

Gender and the Workplace

  • “Challenges of Working in a Male-Dominated Environment”
  • “Maintaining Your Female Identity”
  • “Progressive Employment Strategies for Women in Engineering”


  • Science Technology ENGINEERING Math” a fun and interactive presentation introducing 6th graders to college and various engineering disciplines including chemical engineering, utility engineering, forensic engineering, validation engineering, and a special NASA Mars project.

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