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Hiring, Sourcing & Retention

Planning for the Future

  • Labor Market of the Future” ~ Panel Discussion participant
  • “The Future of Job Seeking”
  • “Will You Be Prepared for the Job Search in 10 Years?”

Networking & Professional Image

  • “5 Ways to Improve Your Professional Network”
  • “Get Moving on LinkedIn®”
  • “LinkedIn® Secrets”
  • “LinkedIn® Etiquette”
  • “Etiquette and the Hidden Job Market”
  • “Power Up Your Professional Image”

Positioning Yourself for Opportunity

  • “Career Management Crash Course”
  • “Progressive Employment Strategies”
  • “Insights Into Volunteering Gateways”
  • “Making the Most of Your Early Technical Career Experiences” ~ Panel Discussion
  • “Putting Your Best Foot Forward”
  • “The Boundless Potential of a Nonlinear Engineering Career”

Discovering Your Value & Your Options

  • “Quantifying Accomplishments”
  • “3 Ways to Track Your Accomplishments”
  • “Transferring Your Skills to a New Career”
  • “Translating Non-Paid Work on Résumés”
  • “Tackling the Resume Gap”
  • “Power of YOUR Path”
  • “A Day of Self-Discovery”
  • “Why They Should Hire You”

Career Planning

  • “Charting Your Course”
  • “Tips for Military Spouses”
  • “Career Planning for Stay-at-Home Parents”

Communicating Value & Self-Promotion

  • “Build a Powerful Professional Portfolio”
  • “Powerful Professional Portfolio Secrets”
  • “Strategic Résumés that Work!”
  • “The Engineer’s Guide to Résumé Writing”
  • “Branding with Transferable Skills”
  • “Targeting and Translating”
  • “Innovative Self-Promotion”
  • “Lose the Cheese. Promote Yourself Like a Pro.”
  • “Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds”
  • “Resumes 101” (for high school and college)
  • “Advanced Resumes”
  • “Rapid Resume Reviews” ~ Workshop
  • “Nail Your Interview, Don’t Blow It!”
  • “Rock Solid Interviews”

Career Transitions

  • “Time for a Change: Strategic Career Moves”
  • “Navigating the Hidden Job Market”
  • “Moving Again: 7 Steps to Maintain Your Career” (as a trailing spouse)
  • “Launch Into the Professional Scene”
  • “Job Seeking 101”
  • “Retired Seeking Employment”
  • “Making the Cut: Job Search Strategies that Will Get You the Job”

Gender and the Workplace

  • “Challenges of Working in a Male-Dominated Environment”
  • “Maintaining Your Female Identity”
  • “Progressive Employment Strategies for Women in Engineering”


  • Science Technology ENGINEERING Math” a fun and interactive presentation introducing 6th graders to college and various engineering disciplines including chemical engineering, utility engineering, forensic engineering, validation engineering, and a special NASA Mars project.

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