Exposing 6th Graders to Engineering

Michelle Aikman talking to 6th graders about STEMI was invited to speak to 6th graders at the Spokane International Academy about engineering this week. I love speaking to kids… their questions and seeing the gears in their brains turn as they realize that there are so many problems that THEY can solve! By far, the highlight of my week.

I speak to middle school, high school, and college students several times each year on a variety of topics.

This particular presentation: “Science Technology ENGINEERING Math” a fun and interactive presentation introducing 6th graders to college and various engineering disciplines including chemical engineering, utility engineering, forensic engineering, validation engineering, and a special NASA Mars project.

I want to thank you again so much for coming to our school and speaking to our students. It’s so important for girls especially to see women in the STEM fields who enjoy their work. You were truly inspiring and the students enjoyed your talk immensely. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and inspire the next generation.
Mary Himley

Spokane International Academy

Thank you Spokane International Academy for inviting me! I appreciate the dialogue because I learn and am always inspired by them as well. Their energy, insightful assessments, and genuine interest (and concern) is what will fuel positive change as their generation enters the workforce.




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  1. As a mom to one of the students in Ms. Himley’s class, I can confirm that you rocked the STEM talk! My daughter wants to be a Disney Imagineer and she is learning all about what she needs to do an to overcome to make this a reality. Thanks for taking time to inspire the next generation!

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