A Casual Conversation with Sandboxx

Sandboxx interviewed me after I was selected as the 2016 Armed Forces Insurance Air Force Spouse of the Year. Get comfortable because 10 minutes into our conversation, Kelly asked me if I had anything else I wanted to share… which is why it ended up being 20 minutes long. Thanks for the interview and the patience Sanboxx!

About Sandboxx
Sandboxx is a mobile app that enables comms to exist throughout the military journey. The entire DOD organizational structure built into Sandboxx lets those in uniform and their families stay connected like never before possible. Sandboxx Letters continues the mission by give loved ones the ability to send physical mail to those in basic or on deployment. Learn more about how Sandboxx is revolutionising the way our military community thrives at www.sandboxx.us and download the app here, www.sandboxx.us/app.

About Military Spouse
Military Spouse magazine and www.militaryspouse.com published by Victory Media, is the leading national magazine and online destination for the nation’s 1.1 million military spouses. You can follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/militaryspouse and on Twitter @MilSpouseMag. The company also publishes G.I. Jobs magazine (www.gijobs.com) and Vetrepreneur magazine (www.navoba.com), and has created the Buy Veteran movement (www.buyveteran.com) powered by NaVOBA.

About Armed Forces Insurance
AFI was founded in 1887 by military leaders with a single mission: to protect the property of those who protect our nation. The company provides premium quality, competitively-priced property and casualty insurance to military professionals throughout the United States and overseas. AFI understands that military members have unique circumstances and insurance needs, enabling the company to offer a level of personalized service that’s unequaled in the industry. For more information, visit the website at www.afi.org or call 1-800-495-8234.

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